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So my friend is a big Ike fan, and I absolutely hate playing against Ike. And all of us thought Ike wouldn’t be returning for Smash 4, so when he was announced I was thrown into sadness. Now my friend is rubbing it in my face, so the first picture was my 2 second mess edit to show my distaste for ike.

So then my friend responded with the second edit, which obviously meant game on, which led to the third picture was my serious attempt to clearly show my hatred for Ike through photoshop.


my math final is about to begin and half the people in my class are praying to god and the other half are making deals with satan

This is how my Russian class behaved one the day of the semester exam!

Like people…genuinely did not know like, anything on it. I got a B, which I’m fine with I guess, even though I know I could’ve done better.

But like one guy even said “Can I just skip it and do the retake later?” because she’s nice and let’s everyone retake it once if they want. And he ended up taking the test but LITERALLY wrote like two things down and turned it in after 15 seconds.

I filled out EVERYTHING and I just to hand write the answers in Cyrillic took me like fifteen minutes. and people turned it in in five minutes, so I know they didn’t answer shit.

point is my Russian class isn’t very comfortable with their Russian

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1. Single moms are the problem. Only 9 percent of low-income, urban moms have been single throughout their child’s first five years. Thirty-five percent were married to, or in a relationship with, the child’s father for that entire time.

2. Absent dads are the problem. Sixty percent of low-income dads see at least one of their children daily. Another 16 percent see their children weekly.

3. Black dads are the problem. Among men who don’t live with their children, black fathers are more likely than white or Hispanic dads to have a daily presence in their kids’ lives.

4. Poor people are lazy. In 2004, there was at least one adult with a job in 60 percent of families on food stamps that had both kids and a nondisabled, working-age adult.

5. If you’re not officially poor, you’re doing okay. The federal poverty line for a family of two parents and two children in 2012 was $23,283. Basic needs cost at least twice that in 615 of America’s cities and regions.

6. Go to college, get out of poverty. In 2012, about 1.1 million people who made less than $25,000 a year, worked full time, and were heads of household had a bachelor’s degree.

7. We’re winning the war on poverty. The number of households with children living on less than $2 a day per person has grown 160 percent since 1996, to 1.65 million families in 2011.

8. The days of old ladies eating cat food are over. The share of elderly single women living in extreme poverty jumped 31 percent from 2011 to 2012.

9. The homeless are drunk street people. One in 45 kids in the United States experiences homelessness each year. In New York City alone, 22,000 children are homeless.

10. Handouts are bankrupting us. In 2012, total welfare funding was 0.47 percent of the federal budget.

I have this vague idea, that I might follow through with if I get this new job since it’ll be full time and I’ll have the money to do it.

There’s a lot of stigma about poverty, and more specifically, the homeless. And here in Vegas there are a lot of people on street corners holding up signs for help.

I would like to create care packages, full of food, water, necessities like a toothbrush, toothpaste, anything, really. A big emphasis on food. A loaf of bread, some spreads, I don’t know exactly what.

But I would like to get those, then go around and find people in need, and walk up to the, not in my car, and talk to them. Offer some stuff, or some help, and give them a little care package.

Then ask if they’d like to share anything, their story, or anything. And then listen. And if they are okay with it, take a photo with them.

The idea is a distinct variation of the fabulous “Humans of New York.” But it is a distinct variation, because instead of magnifying normal people, which is BEAUTIFUL in how it’s done, I would like to show people that the homeless people you see on the street are not drunks, criminals, idiots, or lazy people.

They’re normal people, who have/had lives, who have stories, talents and potentials. And I think it’d be wonderful to see it first hand too, because it’d be a learning and humbling experience for myself as well.

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You know what kind of kind of kind of irks me about Drag Race

Is the fact that all of the queens worship the Scruff pit crew.

Now, I’m not saying the Scruff pit crew aren’t sexy at all

But you’d think that people as talented and multifaceted and…

I think mad is a little bit of a strong word to use.

But I still don’t think you’re right.

If I find society’s ideal man attractive, that does not mean that I don’t “love myself”. It doesn’t mean that those queens don’t love themselves. It does not mean we aren’t “doing us.”

And I didn’t even write my response in a malicious way. I said it’s a silly thing to be irked about.

And if you think that anyone is contradicting gay culture by finding someone who is conventionally attractive, attractive, then…I hope you don’t consider yourself a voice for anybody, at least, in the gay community. Because that’s not the kind of close mindedness I want representing me.


You know what kind of kind of kind of irks me about Drag Race

Is the fact that all of the queens worship the Scruff pit crew.

Now, I’m not saying the Scruff pit crew aren’t sexy at all

But you’d think that people as talented and multifaceted and skilled and inspirational as all of these queens, wouldn’t worship at the altar of the “sexy in his underwear” heteromasculine gay dude so much.

I guess beauty standards in society still prevail, and self-esteem still has a hold on people.

Are you seriously complaining that gay men react positively to other, attractive men?

Because surprise, It doesn’t matter how someone reacts when it comes to attraction, it doesn’t affect their talent. And this season the whole “woofwoofwoof” thing has been happening. But you know, “Woof” has become a mainstay for a lot of people. Gay flirting, if you will!

Besides, who doesn’t like seeing a nice beefcake once in a while?

Silly thing to get mad over really. But just to reiterate, their reactions to the pit crew do not dictate their moral value or performance value.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
fyi the fuckingsassysprinkles blog is a fake blog to make fun of social justice for Hilarious Epic Laffs
mistermarline mistermarline Said:



I figured as much, because my concern would have run quite deep had it been genuine…
Thanks for the conformation though! Do you know whether that clean privilege blog was real or not? Half of me wants to believe it was real and the other half is like, yeah no…

What do you mean “confirmation”?! Like what, you are just going to take some anon’s uninformed opinions as fact? 

First of all, and this goes for everyone, THIS IS NOT A TROLL BLOG. THIS IS NOT A JOKE BLOG. THIS IS NOT A FAKE BLOG. 

If you have a problem with the things im saying, that’s your own opinion. But don’t pass off the real issues of real oppressed people as jokes and musings. 

Second of all, What I say IS GENUINE because these are REAL ISSUES that REAL PEOPLE have to face EVERY DAY. So go take your misinformation far away from me. 

I was at the mall recently with a friend and we went to Spencers, and as he was checking out I was looking at some buttons they had by the register.

And one of them said “Shut the hell up bitch and get me a beer.” And when I saw it I was literally like

"oh my god. this is terrible. I can’t even SAY this out loud. oh god the misogyny." I said to my friend, and he asked what it said, and I accidentally dropped it back into the bin of pins and I shouted " NOOOO NOW I’LL NEVER BE ABLE TO PROVE THE SEXISM."

I mean I said it in a lighthearted joke context, but when I read the button I was actually genuinely appalled by it because that is not okay


writing papers for elementary foreign language classes makes me feel so dumb because in english i’m fairly articulate but i literally just wrote in german: “I have a door. the door is big. the door is brown. i have a room.” i’m handing this in for a grade.

"Ich habe eine Tür. Die Tür ist gross. Die Tür ist braun. Ich habe ein Zimmer.”

After being in Russian class I miss German because I know it so much better. But the POINT IS I know exactly how this feels. The longest sensible string of sentences I know in Russian at this point is:

Здравствуйте. Меня зовут Энтони. Очень приятно. Мой любимый цвет зеленый. Я работаю в KOTO. Я учусь по-русски.

Of course it’s copy and paste because I do not have a Russian keyboard setup?? But it all makes sense at least.


i am in love with the language and deciding to take the class was the best decision ever

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i am watching honey booboo and i swear to God i am losing IQ points as i write this. have you ever seen it? it is absolutely ridiculous!!! (btw youre the coolest guy in the universe)
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On behalf of Writers, Actors, and other Creators, I beg you to please stop watching “reality” TV. It’s ruining our industry, and rotting the brains of the audience.

The people who reblog this and add “Truth.” or “Well said, Sir.” are clearly the kind of people in a constant desperation to sound like a classy, educated person.

I’m mostly annoyed at the “rotting the brains of the audience.” because what you’re suggesting, Wil, is that the audience is dumbfounded by these programs and have no choice but to watch them. Yet you’re ushering people to stop watching them. It’s just such a zealous thing to say it’s REALLY annoying. And to downplay the family that donates to charity and has one of the most accepting life views out there? Eh

I would worry about some television rotting Wil Wheaton’s career, considering when I think of that name in today’s television, it’s a douchebag on Big Bang Theory and an appearance on Family Guy that no one gave a shit to listen to.


3. Favorite Male Character

Since i already did Giroro i’d have to say Dororo!
He’s a stealthy ninja with a peaceful lifestyle.
He loves the earth and doesn’t give 2 shits about the invasion plan, he just wants peace and that’s awesome.
I Get heartbroken every time the other platoon members forget/abuse him because he’s part of their platoon too so he should not be ignored!

well you must get heartbroken pretty much every episode once he’s introduced, hah

I think it’s so funny when they are all still young and keroro just takes his umbrella so little dororo is left in the rain.

this sounded like the lamest commentary but it’s true!